Our students are the future of our community. When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Rockridge Schools Foundation Fund, your investment will go to support the best interest of our Rockridge students.  

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Giving Levels:
Platinum $500+
Gold $250 - $499
Silver $100-$249
Bronze $50 - $99
Honor up to $49

You can print and fill out this form and return it to us in the mail.
Or send us a check payable to Rockridge Schools Foundation Fund and mail to:

Rockridge Schools Foundation

PO Box 3, Taylor Ridge, IL 61284

Why We’re Important…
Illinois schools’ budgets are comprised of national, state, local, and investment funding sources; these resources are being reduced, cut entirely, or failing to produce the same amount of return. In the same manner that we manage our personal finances, school districts begin trimming their budgets, leading to a reduction in resources and staff while still being required to meet all federal, state, and district educational mandates. The Rockridge School District receives a significant amount of its budget from local taxes; if our area is not productive or growing, they lose money. All of these losses impact the quality of education of the children in our community. The Rockridge Schools Foundation Fund was started in order to improve and strengthen school programs; we do so by granting requests from staff within the School District and helping to cover unmet needs that could compromise a quality education of our most important resource - our Rockridge students! 

How Quality Schools Impact You…
Education of our local children impacts everyone in our community. Quality schools attract families, businesses, and investors. With each graduating student, our community experiences a greater chance of creating adults who will secure gainful employment, produce stable families, vote, volunteer, and reach their full potential. These factors lead to social and economic growth, increased tax revenue, higher home values, a longer, healthier life, and increased community cooperation and collaboration. The Rockridge School District donates in-kind space to sports teams, community groups, and is often a partner in neighborhood community issues.  Quality schools are a long-term cost savings which help avoid the risks of increased unemployment, crime, mental health issues, drug and alcohol use, and high demands for public health care, welfare, and community social services. 

Thank YOU for making a difference...

When you step up by making an investment in the Rockridge Schools Foundation Fund, you are making a positive impact on the educational enrichment of our local students and community. Your investment today will last a lifetime in benefitting today's students - tomorrow's leaders.