2019 THANKSgiving Celebration fundraiser!

We want to thank everyone who came out and supported our inaugural event to raise funds for the educational needs of Rockridge students and to pay tribute to two dedicated alumni: AugE Kerres and Glen Cook.  With the support of our sponsors, a grant from the Moline Foundation and the guests purchasing tickets and buying Rockridge education dollars, we were able to raise over $8,500 for our school!  Here are a few photo highlights from our 2019 event:

A nice dinner was enjoyed by over 200 guest to the event!

Our Platinum Sponsors presented their gifts at the event:

AugE Kerres and Glen Cook where honored with a video presentation about their history and then each took some time to share stories about their love of the school and community. The Foundation then gave each a plaque honoring their service as "Rockridge Rock Stars".

$2,000 from the Moline Foundation

$1,000 - Buckrop & VanDeVelde PC

$1,000 - ACC Mobile Accessories

$1,000 - Tyler Fuhr REALTOR

$1,000 - Wheelan Pressly Funeral Home

$15,500 in Educational Projects were funded in 2020!

We are very excited to share with you our decisions on project funding from the THANKSgiving event held in November. We were able to raise an income of $8,536 from the event and along with other money we had in our account we are funding over $15,500 of projects between the 5 schools!

Guests purchased Rockridge Bucks to invest in educational projects for our schools. Here’s a small sample of more than 16 different projects the event helped support!

Pre-K and Elementary Schools

Pre K: Playground Exploration Building Area: Giant Tree Cookies, Wood Stepping Stumps, Shed & Music Wall: Paint, Picket Fence, Musical Instruments

Kindergarten: STEM Boards: Classroom sets of Magnetic Stem Boards: Capital Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers

1st Grade: Flexible Seating: 6 chairs per classroom and a Variety of read aloud books

2nd Grade: Flexible Seating including Clover Shaped Tables, Lap Desks and Futons

3rd Grade: Freckle Subscription program that differentiates instruction for all kids - Math, ELA, Social Studies & Science. 

Grades 3-5 Special Ed: Sensory Path Kit to benefit all Andalusia students

4th Grade Springfield Trip Busing costs to visit Capital, Lincoln Monument, Lincoln's Tomb.

5 Grade Putnam Museum Educational Experience to see Rube Goldberg exhibit (includes theater, 1 hour education program, district education costs). 

6th Grade & Junior High

6th Grade Junior High Science Estes Model Rockets and Engines - end of year project serving as the culmination of their studies on physical science and Newton's Law

7 Grade Junior High Science: Consumables for hands on experiments:

8 Grade Junior High Science Rocket Project: Launch Pads, Egg Drop Project Supplies, Orienteering Flags for Loud Thunder, Paper Mache Egyptian Masks

Junior High Social Studies: Curriculum Enhancements Modeling Clay to compliment lesson on Mesopotamia, Egyptian Papyrus and bookmark covers, Class set of You Wouldn't Want to be an Inca Mummy, Class set of You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China and Misc craft supplies:  craft sticks, paper bags, aluminum foil

Junior High Special Ed: Bouncy Bands to help with stress and focus, Rewards Teacher Manual - focused on improved reading skills among struggling students, Step 4 & 5 Nonfiction Books

Jr High Language Arts: Literacy Materials Scholastic News Subscription, STEAM Paperback Collection, Reluctant Readers 29 book collection, Novel Set:  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Jr High Math: Class Sets of TI-30 Calculators, Gimkit Subscription - Live learning tool that allows kids to compete against one another while practicing new concepts. 
Flexible Seating: 2-4 high top tables/standing desks

Grades 8-12 Art for All: Various Art Supplies

High school:

Agriculture & Industrial Technology: Plasma Cutter: Improved skill development in manufacturing technology while enhancing welding and metal fabrication skills and exposure. 

High School: Spanish 30 Spanish novels for the Free Voluntary Reading Library to improve language acquisition

High School Science USB Digital Microscopes - class set of 15 that will be leveraged across all a variety of science curriculum (Zoology, A&P, Botany, Earth Science) Ohaus Pioneer Balance - also leveraged across a variety of curriculum, including Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science and Biology

Resource Room: Sensory Integration Products including Weighted Blanket, Lap Pads, Foot Roller, Foot Bands, Feet Shaped Steppers, Slant Writing Board, Weights for Pencils, Weighted Vests, Lefty Pencil Grips, Left Handed Ruler, Jumbo Pencils